Bebb Hybrid Oak

Tree Description:

96-14  A oak hybrid, this tree is a vigorous F2 cross of bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) with white oak (Q. alba) (= Quercus xbebbiana), and shows affinity toward the bur oak grandparent but retains the deeply dissected leaves of the parent, which was found in Washington Park in Springfield and has since been removed.

95-04   The native Bebb oak (Quercus ×bebbiana) is one of the most commonly seen hybrid white oaks in central Illinois. It often can be found where its parent species, white oak (Q. alba) and bur oak (Q. macrocarpa) grow together. This one is a seedling from the famous Taco Oak (Q. ×bebbiana ‘Taco’) found at the edge of a commercial parking lot on the west side of Springfield, thriving in a location with very poor growing conditions. The Taco oak now is being grown worldwide as a majestic, tough tree for difficult sites.


96-14   39.825550 N, 89.654300 W     Get walking directions here.

95-04   39.819847 N, 89.659771 W     Get walking directions here.